• Kanom Krok Pan, 14"
Kanom Krok pan, a delicate pan for making Kanom krok. Dimension 14\" with 28 holes. Each hole is around 2 inches width and depth is around 5/8 inch from the bottom. The pan made from cast iron. Product of Thailand. For first use, please clean and remove any residue. Make sure the inside surface is very clean, wipe with clean paper towel. Rub both the inside and outside with vegetable oil and then place the pan inside the oven at about 350 degrees for around two hours. Then, turn off the oven, let the pan cool down inside the oven. The pan has been seasoned and ready to use. For maintenance, after cook Kanom Krok, rinse with hot water and very mild soap if need. Lightly coat oil over the inside surfaces to prevent rust, leave it in the oven. Store your cast iron cookware with the lids off, especially in humid weather, because if covered, moisture can build up and cause rust. Do not wash this cast iron pan in the dishwasher.

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Kanom Krok Pan, 14"

  • Brand: Thailand
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