• Noodle Boiling Basket Strainer
This Noodle Boiling Basket Strainer is for hold rice noodles or other noodles in basket while boiling, then easily strain them out. It is a nice must have kitchen utensil if you were to cook loose items in boiling water for less than minutes. Dimensions; Basket width 5 inches, length 5 inches; Basket includes handle length is 14 inches. This deep boiling basket strainer has the u-shape clip in the middle for hook with the pot, and also have loop at the end for convenience hanging. Basket is made of stainless steel, and handle is stainless steel with wood insert. Product of Taiwan.

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Noodle Boiling Basket Strainer

  • Brand: Taiwan
  • Product Code: 91079
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $13.95